Hey there everyone!

While making these comics, of course there’s going to be a few lemons out of the bunch that aren’t deemed funny enough to share to a general audience In times like these, these comics usually just sit in my sketchbook, usually never to be seen again. I figured it’d be a nice treat to show them every once in a while, maybe I could even make it into a regular thing.

PWP Knife Song

PWP: The Knife Wrong

I thought of this one from that big Knife Song craze on YouTube. I figured to just have Boomie singing the song and have something silly in the 3rd panel. First I thought to just have his hand come off like an action figure, but his knife hitting his hand just felt to… simple. So I put the knife right smack dab in the middle of his chest. Of course, to get some sort of video game reference in there, who better to have as a doctor than Doctor Mario?

Either way, once I finished drawing this one and compared it to other comics (mainly The Grey One) it just wasn’t as funny. That’s when it went to the chopping block and had more than just its fingers cut off.

Yes, this week’s comic is late, but with intense midterms and essays to write it’s hard for anything to be on time. Expect it tomorrow though!

Mister Chris