Do you remember when you were nine?

Download the song here:

This is my NATA Pro round entry, under the theme of “your own reflection”.

At first I honestly had no idea what to make it on. Should I go literal with a mirror? Should it be about bettering yourself? Maybe reflecting into your past? In the end I chose to go with something that can resonate with pretty much anyone: Childhood.
But… because I was fiddling around the idea, I actually only started real animation about 12 days ago. Ever since then it’s been non-stop animating, trying to get it to look as good as possible. (Let me tell you, those camera perspective shots took FOREVER.) Really wish I could’ve had some more time to improve the backgrounds and do some more inbetweens, but whatever~
Special shout out to my brother for being a SUPER huge help on this project. From making the music for me all the way to giving me motivation to continue, props bro!

Mister Chris