Savi "Kitty" Kat



Age: 20’s

Species: American Shorthair cat

With a spring in her step, Savi is ready for anything that comes her way, provided it’s 32-bit and attacking her prized Bulb-ay-soar. An avid gamer, Savi is usually taking residence in the digital world. Armed with a creative imagination, a finely tuned sense of sarcasm, and 99 Uran berries, she’s sure to lighten up your day. Her pants are “sick ninja turtle” colored.

  • Dislikes: Heaters, Boomie being stupid, Tan suits, hair spray, and emus
  • Hates: Team Sprocket, Haxxers, losing, Highly salty foods, Burnt food, turtle neck sweaters, and Final Fantasy XIII
  • Afraid of: Losing her 3DS, breaking her 3DS, losing/breaking any other of her consoles, and Dolphins
  • Likes: Animu, Mahnga, British comedy, Dr.Where, Tangerines, cute things, and stars
  • Adores: Her 3DS, Fakemon, Soda, Sweets, Kangaroos, her Bulb-ay-soar, and late nights
  • Hobbies: Video games, texting, pwning noobs, and surfing the internets