Tracy Yardley Boomie n Savi

Boomie and Savi drawn by Tracy Yardley

main pencil artist for the Sonic the Hedgehog comics

Colored by me, Mister Chris

Hey everyone! Just starting off with this wonderful piece of art sent to us from Mr. Yardley! What a really cool guy, he was posting about commissions not too long ago, so it was a chance I really couldn’t pass up, haha! The one above is the finished piece after I colored it (It was a pain in the butt to color all the lines) Bellow is the original lineart from him…

boomie and savi

And on to other news~

Finally getting back into the full swing of comics! I know I took a few weeks off during the summer, but hey I’m here again working full steam on them! All the while I’ve got animations planned too, so look forward to those! There was the NATA 2013 tournament that took place a month or two ago, and I made it to the semi-finals in that. (Was only half a point away from getting into the finals!) But that was great fun! I’ll post the animations here once I’ve edited through and fixed a lot of the errors in them. ┬áStill though, prepare for more content coming your way!

Mister Chris