Filler Episode
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  1. Mr. Stargate

    Obviously because it’s an excuse to get in some fan service via bikinis. I mean I guess you could put the cast in bathing suits in other locations. But I’m pretty sure they would draw stares at an aquarium and be thrown out of a chinese buffet. You might be able to pull it off at one of those mega malls but that would really only work for american viewers.

    • Bikini, Martini, Fettuccine, Linguini.
      The aquarium sounds like it could be a fun thing to draw, kind of the only reason I put it down~
      Though I am a little hungry for Chinese food…

  2. Sairus323

    You know, there’s a thing that was bothering me for a while, but just now I finally understood what is it: how come that we read a comic about two furries, who don’t have tails? Especially if they had tails earlier…

    • I never really thought of them being furries before. Kinda just like, they happened to be a cat and a dingo, but that was about it. Just like Looney Tunes and what not. As far as the tails, they just kind of went away through design ommissions, nothing more than that. Maybe I got too lazy to draw the tails too though haha

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