Weather The Storm
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  1. Mr. Stargate

    It’s like “Pacific Rim” where living near the ocean means you run the risk of monster attacks. Except we don’t have giant robots.

  2. C0Mmander


  3. Mr. Stargate

    poke poke You still alive Mister Chris? It’s been a while and the site is starting to fall apart. I’m starting to worry.

    • I am! I had to take a break for a little bit for some personal things, but I’m working on filling up a backlog of comics so that I’m able to post consistently! Should be out in a week or two!

      • Mr. Stargate

        Glad to hear. After so long I was worried you might have,
        1. Died
        2. Abandoned the comic
        3. Eloped
        4. Kidnapped by pirates and forced to sail the seas as a swashbuckling Buccaneer

      • Stratus Wind

        That’s good to hear, dude!

  4. HermesWolfHeart

    Indeed that’s good to hear!

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