Hey everyone, It’s Chris!

Boy, I kind of forgot to update the blog at all in Lou of this webcomic nonsense. Ah well, can’t be helped much. To start things off, take a look at that wonderful commission I just got back from Zeurel ! I just love the way he drew Boomie and Savi! Especially Boomie’s face. GAH, THEY’RE SO EXCITED.

As far as other things go, comics have been coming steadily, though it is interesting getting into the groove of releasing a new comic every week. I had become so accustomed to only making a comic whenever I had an idea, which could be months apart, but now, I have to crank one out after the other! It’s challenging, but worth it in the long run. Speaking of comics, there won’t be one posted tonight (cliche I’ve been busy excuse) but expect one for tomorrow night. I’ve already got the audio mixed, all that’s left is to ink and color the comic.

Apart from comics, I also have been doing lots of animations. If you look, there’s a new page under the animations tab up top. It’s my first real animation, starring Sonic the Hedgehog. Some silly things happen to him in his ongoing fight with Dr.Eggman. That animation is finished, but there is one I’m working on right now. I won’t say too much about it, but it’s a mixture of Team Fortress 2 and The Fairly OddParents…


Okay, that sounds pretty bad.


Just hear me out on this one! It’s coming along nicely, just wait for it to be finished in the coming weeks. There’s another thing coming down the pipelines, I’m really just working on getting the story nice and settled before I start drawing it. A comic that is, the long dramatic story project is a comic.

That’s about it as far as news goes. Make sure to RSS! TELL YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY! HURR HURR HURR

Mister Chris